Anacortes Marina


Attention Owners & Marina Tenants

June 4, 2018

Tentative Plans for dock replacement in the Fall of 2018 has moved to A Dock instead of F dock, as mentioned in the Spring 2018 Newsletter.


Attention All “A” Dock Owners & Tenants:

June 4, 2018

Re: Our project to replace all outside docks in the Marina is continuing.

This October 2018, we will be replacing all open slips on A Dock -( Slips 21 – 40).

This replacement will require all vessels on the A Dock outside slips to be relocated for the month of October 2018. The remaining slips will have minimal impact during construction, but workers, work boats, and piling barges will be present and may temporarily block the fairway between A and B docks. Some utility interruption may be required.

All affected vessels, Slips 21-40 must be relocated by October 1st.

If not moved by that date the Marina Association will take steps necessary to remove the vessel at your cost for work to continue.

The Marina has developed 3 options for these displaced vessels:

1. North Harbor Diesel has offered to provide the following services for $800; Haul out and launch with normal pressure wash and 1 month storage. Electric charges will be additional.

2. We have reserved a number of slips at the Cap Sante Marina. The rent on these slips is $1,250 per month plus electric.

3. We have a limited number of Covered 60′ slips in the Marina that may come available as the owner’s may haul out during this period. Rent on these slips is $1,275 per month plus electric.

Let the Marina office know which option works best for you so we can confirm reservations at North Harbor or Cap Sante Marina. Once confirmed, you will need to make the necessary arrangements as to when you will want to be hauled or be moving to Cap Sante.

Attention All Marina Dock Owners & Tenants:

May 5, 2018

Advisory – Road Construction Notice SR 20 – Sharpes Corner Interchange Project 

Driving to and from Anacortes via State Route 20 will be affected by the Sharpes Corner Roundabout Project starting Monday, May 7th

Lane reductions at SR 20 and SR 20 Spur will start at 7 a.m. Monday, May 7th and will affect your travel to and from Anacortes for the next 8 weeks.

Plan ahead for delays when driving and leave early with extra travel time allotted.

For additional information and updates visit:

 WSDOT Construction Notices  – Sharpes Corner – Anacortes

Sharpes Corner Area Webcams



Bicycles, Trailers and Parked Vehicles 

Please help identify bicycles, trailers, and vehicles left on the Marina property.  Notify the Marina office if your vehicle or bicycle will remain in Marina spaces for over 30 days. Bicycles left in racks must be secured with a good quality bar lock to prevent theft.

Unused bicycles need to be onboard your vessel or in your storage locker.  Trailers and vehicles should be removed from the grounds unless storage was approved by the Marina office.

  Unidentified vehicles or bicycles may be removed or disposed of at the owner’s expense.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.