Anacortes Marina

No Moorage Available

WAIT LIST:   The Marina has allotted a limited number of wait list requests for each slip size and type.

The wait list is started over annually to remove any out of date requests. To keep your request current, you must contact our office annually with current phone and email address information beginning January of each year. Wait list requests not renewed will be removed from the list. Current waitlist times are 1 – 10 years depending on slip size.

When a requested slip does become available the Marina office will contact you. If you do not respond to our attempt to contact you with in 48 hours, we may continue to the next person on the wait list.


Slip Size

Overlength: ‘Tip to Tip’ measurement of the vessel may not exceed slip size plus 2 feet.
Date Available / Term
Monthly Rate *
(plus electric)**
20' -30' Close to ShoreAnnual WaitlistNo Slips Available
32' - 60' ~ No Slips AvailableAnnual WaitlistNo Slips Available
* No additional taxes
** No electric minimum