Anacortes Marina


Attention All Owners & Tenants:

April 21, 2021

Stainless Key Exchange

Please collect and return all your steel keys for a one time exchange/return at the marina office service window now.
Additional fobs are available for a $10 charge.
Stainless keys must be returned by October 1st for credit.

March 23, 2021

All Ramps / Gangways are now complete!
New Key Fob Required for all gates and facility access.

August 25, 2020
Key fob Transition September

April 2021

2021 Boating Information**



April 2021

Skagit County is currently in Phase 3 of the reopening plan:

Indoor social gatherings with people from outside your household should not include more than 10 people.

Outdoor social gatherings shall be limited to 50 people from outside your household.

Worship services allowed with up to 50% indoor capacity.

Retail stores, including farmers markets, allowed with up to 50% indoor capacity. Curbside pick-up is encouraged.

Professional services allowed with up to 50% indoor capacity. Remote work strongly encouraged.

Personal services allowed with up to 50% indoor capacity.

Eating and drinking establishments are limited to 50% capacity for indoor service and must end alcohol service and delivery at midnight. Outdoor dining must comply with the requirements of the Outdoor Open Air Guidance. Table size for indoor and outdoor dining is limited to a maximum of 10 people. Establishments only serving individuals 21+ and no food remain closed.

Wedding and funeral ceremonies and indoor receptions, and wakes are permitted and must follow appropriate venue requirements. If food or drinks are served, eating and drinking establishment requirements outlined above apply.

Low and moderate risk sports competitions a permitted. Fitness and training establishments can operate at a maximum of 50% capacity. Showers are allowed.

Sports competitions and tournaments allowed for all risk categories. Maximum spectators allowed is 400 with capacity restriction depending on the facility. Guided activities are allowed without hard caps subject to restrictions.

Indoor entertainment establishments such as aquariums, theaters, arenas, concert halls, gardens, museums, bowling alleys, trampoline facilities, cardrooms and event spaces are open at a maximum of 50% capacity or 400 people, whichever is less. If food or drinks are served, eating and drinking establishment requirements outlined above apply.

Outdoor entertainment establishments such as zoos, gardens, aquariums, theaters, stadiums, event spaces, arenas, concert venues and rodeos can be open for a maximum of 400 spectators with capacity restrictions depending on the facility. Walk-up tickets are allowed with restrictions.

July 2020

On July 24, Secretary of Health John Weisman extended the original governor’s order to require that people wear masks when outside their home anywhere in the state, where they are within 6 feet of non-household members, even outdoors.

Our normal office hours are back at the service window. Masks required for service.
Monday – Friday 8-5 & Saturday 10-3 Closed for Lunch 12-1
Closed Sundays

Drop Box near the Marina Office Door available 24 hours a day

June 2020

Effective today face coverings/masks are required indoors in the marina buildings and outdoors in a public area when six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Anacortes Marina management would like all moorage and office building owners & tenants to be respectful of this directive and to please use face coverings/masks while in common area spaces indoors; restrooms, building hallways & stairwells.

The Marina staff will continue to wear masks while working at the property and interacting with you and others. Please mask up for gangways and gate entrances. Maintain social distancing on the docks by stepping to a finger pier.

June 2020

The Marina has expedited additional deep cleaning of restrooms and laundry area.

We encourage all boat owners and Marina users to continue to follow the Safe Boating Guidelines as published by Waggoner Guide and other agencies with special emphasis on hand washing, social distancing and wearing a mask while at the Marina.

You may want to use your onboard facilities whenever possible to reduce your exposure to others using the common area restrooms. Vessel pump out is available at the NW Marine Center fuel dock and by calling SOS (Sanitation Offloading Solutions) at 877-767-6862.

For more information on the Covid-19 virus we encourage you to contact the WA Health Department at:

June 2020

Skagit County has moved into Phase 2 of the “Safe Start” reopening plan. WA State Safe Start Reopening Plan

May 2020

• Courtesy of Waggoner Cruising Guides: Covid-19-Safe-Boating-Guidelines

• Visit the Waggoner Cruising Guide website Covid-19 Page for valuable current tables & updated statuses for cruising in Washington & Canadian Waters:

• The secured Marina docks / restroom buildings / showers are OPEN with access by gate key. Please practice social distancing and wear masks within close proximity with others.

• The Marina office doors are CLOSED to traffic, but the office is OPEN and staffed regular business hours. Monday-Friday 8-12 & 1-5 and Saturday 10-12 and 1-3. We can be contacted by phone, email or walk-up window.

• A 24 hour DROP BOX is located near the marina office door for your payments/leases/gatekey drop offs, etc.

Marina Covid -19 Office Closing 3-23-20

Marina Health Notice 3-11-20


Attention All “B” Dock Owners & Tenants Occupying Uncovered Slips:

May 1, 2021

B Dock Replacement Project

B Dock Replacement Project May 1 Notice

January 15, 2021

B Dock open slips will be the next dock scheduled for replacement October 1-31,2021. We will be in contact with all B Dock Owners and Tenants to provide further information as the year progresses.

Anacortes Marina facilities improvement project continuing on over the course of an 8 year period, 2018-2026. We will be removing all creosote pilings, replacing all docks with open slips, installing a new steel marina breakwater, and the ramps/gangways are being changed out to decrease steepness by 30%.


July 2020

E dock August Notice 2020

June 2020

E Dock July Notice 2020

North Harbor Diesel Special Pricing

May 2020

E Dock Replacement Project

E Dock June Notice 2020

April 2020

E Dock Replacement Project

E Dock 2-24-20 Notice



Bicycles, Trailers and Parked Vehicles 

Please help identify bicycles, trailers, and vehicles left on the Marina property.  Notify the Marina office if your vehicle or bicycle will remain in Marina spaces for over 30 days. Bicycles left in racks must be secured with a good quality bar lock to prevent theft.

Unused bicycles need to be onboard your vessel or in your storage locker.  Trailers and vehicles should be removed from the grounds unless storage was approved by the Marina office.

  Unidentified vehicles or bicycles may be removed or disposed of at the owner’s expense.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.