Anacortes Marina


Attention All Owners & Tenants:

January 24, 2020


Project Work Continues to Close the South Entrance of Marina

The water ENTRANCE to Anacortes Marina continues to be blocked as our contractor, Culbertson Marine has had to extend the project timeline due to high winds last week.
It will continue to be blocked today and Saturday, January 24th & 25th.

NOTE ~ The ENTRANCE will be OPEN this Sunday, January 26th.

Breakwater work is then scheduled to continue blocking the entrance again
Monday, January 27th, through all of the work week and reopen Saturday, February 1st.

If you plan to go out in your vessel, with caution, you may use the EXIT to enter the marina
(if the entrance is blocked) as a temporary measure.

January 23, 2020

E Dock open slips will be the next dock scheduled for replacement October 1-31,2020. We will be in contact with all E Dock Owners and Tenants to provide further information as the year progresses.

January 9, 2020

Access to A Dock at the gate will be blocked until noon 1/9/2020. Electricity on A Dock will be off and restored at the end of the work day. The new gangway is being installed.

January 3, 2020

This breakwater work was cancelled due to high winds.
The ENTRANCE to Anacortes Marina will be blocked at times January 6 – 10th, 2020, as our contractor Culbertson Marine will be working on the breakwater replacement project.


Bicycles, Trailers and Parked Vehicles 

Please help identify bicycles, trailers, and vehicles left on the Marina property.  Notify the Marina office if your vehicle or bicycle will remain in Marina spaces for over 30 days. Bicycles left in racks must be secured with a good quality bar lock to prevent theft.

Unused bicycles need to be onboard your vessel or in your storage locker.  Trailers and vehicles should be removed from the grounds unless storage was approved by the Marina office.

  Unidentified vehicles or bicycles may be removed or disposed of at the owner’s expense.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


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